The Most Affordable Ways to Soundproof a Garage

orange-block-soundproofing1One fascinating fact about owning a garage is that you can turn it to anything, and a music studio isn’t an exception. Instead of spending up to $20,000 to buy a professional soundproof studio or working so hard trying to turn your house into one, why not soundproof your garage? Unlike soundproofing your house or buying a soundproof music studio, a garage offers more space you can use to set up your speakers and music instruments, and the best part is it is less costly.

The truth is a soundproof garage is one of the best places to start off simply because you won’t need more cash to put up a music studio. However, to avoid inconveniences, it is vital that you watch out for policies or statutes put in place by homeowner associations or municipalities. The main issue here is noise. If you can avoid any conflicts between you and your neighbors, then you are good to go. In this article, I’m going to show you great tips on how to sound proof a garage cheaply.

Sheets on your Walls

blanketOne best way to prevent the noise from escaping your garage studio is to use a soundproof material. According to experts, sheets or blankets make the list. The main trick here is to keep the noise inside the studio and this material is adequate. Sheets are known for their ability to absorb the noise preventing it from leaving your studio. If you go to the market looking for sheets or blankets, you will come across varieties that differ in measurements and prices.

According to some manufacturers, sheets and blankets can prevent approximately 70% of noise with high frequency from leaving your room. It is also one of the cheapest ways to soundproof a garage. However, they are not cheaper than multiple walls. For example, a pack of 8 foot by 5 foot sound proof blankets will cost approximately $160. What makes sheets and blankets worth going for is the fact that you don’t need to spend too much on hanging them. This is one thing you can easily do without much help.

Add Multiple Layers of Walls

The more layers of walls your garage has, the higher the sound proofing. Another best way of ensuring the noise stays inside you garage is multiplying the walls. What you need is drywall and wooden pallets. Drywall is known to trap effectively high-frequency sounds making it harder for them to escape the garage. You can start by selecting drywall that will fit inside the garage’s perimeter. Hang the drywall on the perimeter sides but on the inside.

fiberglass wallYou can then add a layer of fiberglass with a four-inch thickness. Follow up by framing another wall so that it fits over the first drywall. Add another drywall layer and then a second insulation layer. Do the finishing by framing and then add the last drywall layer. You can do the framing using wooden pallets that you can easily access from your local stores at little or no price. According to Homewyse’s service labor cost calculator, using walls that measure 10 foot by 10 foot may cost approximately, $200. When combined with all the cost involved in the insulation, the project might cost not more than $1000.

Add Resilient Channels

resilient channelOne way to ensure that no noise leaves your garage studio is to prevent the sound waves from hitting the wooden studs. You can achieve this by adding resilient channels. These simply support your room wooden frame so that it stays strong. Most of the time, for example, if your garage is finished and has a drywall, the waves go straight through and then hits the supports to the wooden frame. One of the best ways to prevent this problem is to consider multiple walls as mentioned above or if not possible, resilient channels. Resilient channels are simply metal beams parallel to the garage’s floor. They are loaded with springs and works best to hold the sheet rock and the wooden studs together.

According to F. Alton Everest, sound studio Construction on a budget, resilient channels attach to the drywall without coming in contact with it, meaning that the drywall can take in the sound without transferring it to the garage’s wall frame. Using resilient channels serves the same purpose as multiple walls intended to prevent the sound from leaving your room. To achieve this, you need to place the resilient channels approximately 3 feet from the garage’s floor up to the ceiling. You can get some of the best channels from instruments websites, improvements or any other online resilient channels retailers. You might need a 24 pack of resilient channels measuring 8-foot. This might cost you approximately $200. To complete the job, you’ll need about $600.

Use Multiple Methods

Another trick to preventing the noise in the studio from escaping is using more than one method at once. Multiple methods mean combining more than one sound proof method. For example, combine resilient channels, multiple walls, handing sheets and more to prevent the noise from escaping your garage studio. According to SoundStop using more than one method will increase the percentage by which the noise is reduced. For example, using resilient channels is known to prevent the noise from escaping by approximately 17 decibels.

On the other hand, using a multiple wall system will prevent the noise from escaping by 26 decibels. The fact here is, combining both the resilient channels system and the multiple wall system will prevent the noise from escaping by more decibels. In this case, it will improve the soundproofing by approximately 30 decibels. However, you don’t have to go for the most expensive combination. If you are looking for something much cheaper then combining the multiple wall system and the resilient channels system would make a better choice. According to Homewyse, eight foot by eight foot will cost approximately $100 per a wall layer. For better results, you will need to combine three wall layers and one resilient wall that would cost around $1000. This is less expensive than buying a professional soundproof music studio.

Bottom Line

I guess each and as a musician who is just starting off, you might not appreciate high costs. You might want to start off from somewhere, and that is, using what you have and can easily access. It dogarage-bandesn’t matter how badly you need a professional soundproof music studio. The question is what if you can’t afford it? The truth is professional soundproof music studios offer nothing more than a soundproofed garage. The only difference is the professionalism in it. One advantage of soundproofing a garage is that it will minimize the costs of producing your music, and if you are lucky enough to have the material needed such as sheets, drywall, wood pallets and more, you might not even need to spend a dollar. What you need is, know how to do it. What makes your garage one of the best choices is the fact that garages offer an extra space you need for your studio. They are also convenient simply because you have them in your compound, and most importantly, soundproofing it is one the cheapest way to build your own soundproofing music studio. With the soundproofing techniques mentioned above, I’m sure your music will reach higher heights in no time.

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