New Garage Door Installation in Wichita KS

garage door installation wichita ksGarage door installation is not the most complex task in the world, yet it remains one that is extremely difficult for the novice to attempt on his or her own. That is because with garage doors, the sizes and weights you are dealing with are quite large. Many garage doors weigh well over a hundred pounds. That’s why you should only trust our garage door installation Wichita KS experts to install your new door.

The most common garage doors being installed today will weigh somewhere between 250-350lbs. If one of these doors were too fall on you or your vehicle, it would be a disaster. If a garage door spring were to pop and hit you, it could be incredibly dangerous – maybe even fatal.

Our Garage Door Installation Process

garage door installation wichita ksResponsible garage door professionals never skip the steps involved with garage door installation and you can rest assured that your garage door tech from Pro Garage Door Wichita is going to do everything by the book. We believe in doing it right the first time, every time.

  • You must first have proper measurements and weights of all the parts involved. That includes the garage door length and weight, the exact placement of the garage door opener, and the rating of the spring.
  • Never install the garage door without reinforcing the door with a stiffener. This simple piece will protect the structural integrity of the door as force is applied to its top. Without a stiffener, the door may flex too much and become bent at the top in the center where the garage door opener is attached.
  • The opener itself must be installed perfectly on the center line of the door so that the force applied to the door will be even. This ensures that the parts on the door wear evenly and will live up to the lifespan they are rated for. You can rely on us to make sure that all garage door parts and accessories are installed correctly and are in compliance with the stipulations of their warranties.
  • Connecting the door to the opener requires some finessing as well. This is when you will need to calibrate the tension of the springs to make supporting the weight of the door and moving it as easy as possible. Adjusting the tension every foot that you elevate the door is the way it is supposed to be done, and that is exactly how we will install your garage door in Wichita, KS.

Save Time and Money With the Best Garage Door Repair Service

new garage door installation in wichitaIt’s very possible to end up wasting lots of time and money chasing after less reputable garage door contractors. Those who cut corners tend to leave a trail of shoddy work behind them. Avoid all that and call the best garage door repair Wichita company today and we will have a highly trained and experienced tech install your beautiful new garage door the right way.

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